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At Cryptss, we believe in the transformative potential of Web3 technology. Our mission is to empower businesses across industries to harness the boundless power of decentralized systems, blockchain, and cryptocurrency.

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We Customize
Your Web3 Ecosystem

Retail and E-Commerce

Supercharge customer acquisition, motivate employees, and strengthen partnerships with our Loyalty, gamifications and Rewards Programs.

Web3 Payments

Seamlessly integrate Web3 payments and DeFi solutions into your business operations. Enable cross-border transactions, liquidity provision, and decentralized exchanges.

Tokenized Assets

Unlock the potential of asset tokenization, whether it's real estate, art, or equity. Digitize and trade assets on blockchain networks securely and efficiently.

Gaming and NFTs

Explore the world of blockchain-based games and NFTs. From NFT marketplaces to virtual real estate ownership, we're your gateway to the metaverse.

Healthcare, Sciences

Revolutionize patient data management, drug traceability, and clinical trials with our Web3 solutions.

Government and Public Services

Enhance digital identity, voting systems, public records, and supply chain auditing with our Web3 government solutions.

Supply Chain and Logistics

Achieve end-to-end transparency and optimization in your supply chain. From product provenance tracking to smart contracts for logistics, we've got you covered.

Legal, Intellectual Property

Safeguard intellectual property rights, automate legal agreements with smart contracts, and verify documents on the blockchain.

Easy Web3
revolutionizing Loyalty and Rewards Programs.

Innovative solutions that drive customer loyalty, boost employee morale, strengthen partnerships, and amplify brand visibility. With a focus on blockchain technology and decentralized systems, we aim to transform traditional loyalty programs into dynamic, transparent, and rewarding experiences.

Web3 API Solutions.

Cryptss is a Web3 fintech startup dedicated to revolutionizing how businesses operate in the digital age. With a team of experts and entrepreneurs passionate about Web3, we’re committed to creating innovative solutions that redefine traditional business models and elevate them into the decentralized future.

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Easy Management

Your Brand, One dashboard portal to manage, control and monitor.

Built-In Compliance

Grow confidently with a fully-certified PSD2 and PCI-DSS Compliant solution

Central Restful API

Get access to Global API built on a flexible microservices architecture

Fraud Protection AML

AI-powered global fraud management, KYC and AML monitoring

Developer Support

Integrate fintech fast with detailed docs, SDK, API, use-cases and sandbox

Multi Currency Support

Choose your local currency and start inventions.

Accounting Dashboard

Get access to a complete accounting platform to monitor and control.

24/7 Support Live Chat

We always available to support you 24/7, you can reach us on Ticket or WhatsApp.

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Our Commitment to Web3 Innovation

At Cryptss.com, innovation is at the core of everything we do. We’re dedicated to helping businesses embrace the Web3 revolution and unlock new possibilities in the digital economy.

Your Dashboard Full Control.

Get access to a secure dashboard, monitor all transactions and control setting, control API, tokens, wallets and many other features. With our user-friendly interface, you can stay in full control of all your financial operations with ease.

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