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What are Cryptss Solutions?

Cryptss offers API as a Services APISaaS related to Financial Services FinTech ecosystem to enable creativities for the Startup's, Corporations and even SME's, we make the API development very easy to integrate, some but not limited of Cryptss Solutions are Digital banking, Lending, Blockchain, Neo Banking, instant Card issuer, Crypto Currency, Payment Gateway, Insure Tech, Regulation Tech, digital wealth investment API's, ERP fintech & more.

How dose the pricing works?

Cryptss on a SAAS-based pricing model. Every Startup case is different, and the requirements vary depending on the modules required by the organization, the size of operations, we also have a Free package to select for sandbox.

How secure is my Cryptss account.

We ensure to safeguard your data with the highest security standards. We comply with ISO 27001 policies & our payment stack adheres to the PCI DSS standards and GDPR, also we are using AWS compliances.